Winter cycling promotion to fight traffic congestion

Advil’s “Congestion Relief Program” donated a snow plow and salt truck specifically for use on Chicago’s separated bike lanes. 50 Citizen Gotham folding bikes were also raffled off to those who showed up at promotional event.

The Chicago Department of Transportation says they’ve added bike lanes and promote winter cycling to reduce traffic congestion in the Windy City. Each person who bikes to work is “one less car” on the road, which benefits the other traffic. The Chicago CDOT bike program took their story to Advil, and Advil responded with the snow plow / salt truck donation.

“Chicago’s protected bike lanes are a welcome addition to the many transportation options for commuters. But if they’re covered in snow, people will revert to using cars to get around the city, adding to the traffic congestion,” said Luann Hamilton, Deputy Commissioner for the Chicago Department of Transportation. “This snow removal equipment will help our residents take advantage of the bike lanes during the winter months.”

Chicago GRID was on hand for the giveaway and took photos of retired Bears defensive end Richard Dent (and Advil pitchman) on one of the raffled bikes.


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