Hundreds bike from San Francisco to South Bay

Bike to Work Day 2012 SF2G ride San Francisco

At least 500 people participated in the 42 mile Bike To Work Day commute from San Francisco to Mountain View.

The epic bike commute organized by SF2G riders attracted record crowds, with an estimated 500 people at the 6:30 AM ride start at 24th and Mission in San Francisco.

2012 BTWD crowd San Francisco

Several riders peeled off at Peninsula destinations along the way, but by the time this peloton passed through Redwood City they were 700 strong. After descending like locusts at the Oracle HQ Energizer Station and fortifying themselves with license-free Java, the group continued on to their offices in Silicon Valley, another ten to twenty miles away.

Oracle HQ Energizer Station 2012 Bike To Work Day SF2G

While many of these riders will take corporate shuttle buses or Caltrain back home this evening, you can expect to also find bike riders at the various BTWD after-parties throughout the Bay Area.

sf2g Bay Way route 42 miles San Francisco to Mountain View

SF2G are a group of cyclists who ride regularly from “San Francisco to Google” and other destinations in the South Bay. Ride tips, routes and records are posted to the website, while schedules are discussed on their publicly open Google Groups discussion list.

Photo Credits: Rich, who promises to post more from the Oracle Energizer Station at his blog, and Thomas, a Google Systems Engineer who rode with SF2G.


  1. South Bay. Where I used to live. Redondo Beach. Just down the road from where the Beach Boys grew up – in Hawthorne. Somehow South Bay within two hundred miles of San Francisco seems a misnomer.

  2. That must have looked pretty impressive as it rolled by. I remember when my route ran counter to theirs and I’d see packs of 20-40 go by on BTWD but never anything this larger.

    Do they have any numbers on how many continue the ride after BTWD?

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