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“Give me three feet!”

M4 Carbine rifle slung over road cyclist back

I don’t know if this is actually in the United States or not. That weapon is an M4 carbine, which is US military issue, but this is a commonly used rifle used by many militaries, and semi-auto versions are available for civilian purchase. I filched this from Pro Bike Kit’s Facebook page, and I don’t know where they stole it from in turn.

This reminds me of Bob Fishell’s “Spike Bike” stories:

With all the acrimony that’s been passed around about bikes vs. cars, I thought it would be a good time to talk about a really interesting ride….

It was a Friday. Fridays are usually good days because you have a lot of teenagers drinking and driving, plus a lot of people who are in a bad mood and in a hurry to get home from work. The factories usually pay on Friday, so you get a fair number of beer-commercial types cruising around in their 4X4s looking for some butt to kick while they’re knocking back a few brews. A cyclist’s paradise.

I stuck a full mag in my MAC-10 and put another one under the saddle. The gun fits into the water bottle cage pretty well, and it’s fairy light. I stuffed a couple of grenades in my jersey pockets and slipped my Rambo-knife into its sheath on the front fork. Just for good measure, I grabbed a thermite grenade and dropped it into the remaining jersey pocket. This is a little more weight than I usually carry, but it was Friday night after all.

More of this 1980s Usenet bike fiction archived here.


  1. Open Carry is not legal in all places, but it gives “the gun as equalizer” a little meat to a prospective abusive motorist.

  2. Not an M4 (barrel’s too long), but an AR15 variant.  Or “M4gery”, if you prefer.  Civilians don’t get to have M4s.

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