Ride with the Lord Mayor of Dublin Ireland

The 342nd Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ireland will visit San Jose for sister city festivities. You can meet Lord Mayor Andrew Montague along with some city councilors next Sunday, March 11 at a special San Jose Bike Party that will begin and end at San Jose City Hall.

The story of how this came to happen is really cool. San Jose Bike Party is a hit with staffers in the city’s planning and transportation departments, and the directors of planning and transportation have been known to participate in the rides.

San Jose Planning Director Kim Walesh recently visited Dublin and met with the Lord Mayor, who out of the blue told her he would love to participate in a Bike Party ride on his March visit!

So here we are. The ride begins at 10 AM in front of San Jose City Hall. This will be a short ride in daylight. More about this (including a list of feeder rides) at San Jose Bike Party.

I plan to be there, but I’ve just come down with a really nasty flu, and I hear it takes ages to get over it. Wish me well, please.

Dublin has a council-manager form of government, with the executive role in the office of the City Manager. The title of Lord Mayor is an honorific given to the chairman of the city council in Dublin. He’s a member of the city council but his Mayoral role is largely ceremonial and as a spokesperson.


  1. • I went on an ecology-themed bike ride in Dublin in 1994 with Lord Mayor
    John Gormley.  His bike looked a bit beaten up and I, accustomed to the
    type of Mayor who might attend a Bike-To-Work-Day photo op, figured he
    pulled a neglected steed from the basement to do likewise.

    It turns out he was the real deal, a Green who rode his bike into the
    ground.  Some of the lads amongst the enviro groups talked about taking
    up a collection to give the Lord Mayor an upgrade.

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