Carlos my hero!

San Jose bike guy Carlos Babcock tackles a bike thief.

This is my friend Carlos. Carlos is happy in this photo because he is riding his Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycle.

Carlos on Sierra Road

Carlos is normally a very peaceful, relaxed guy. Last month, this bike was stolen from Carlos. Carlos became surly and mean. Carlos is a large man.

Last Tuesday, Carlos saw an alleged bike thief and knocked him to the ground. Richard Higgerson, who had a burglary tools and a broken lock inside of his bag, was riding an allegedly stolen bike in downtown San Jose, California. Police arrested Higgerson and charged him with resisting arrest, grand theft, possession of burglary tools and being under the influence of a controlled substance. Police also located the owner of the stolen bike. Police believe Higgerson may be involved in a rash of recent bike thefts in the area of San Jose State University.

Hurray Carlos, and hurray the San Jose Police Department for chasing (alleged) bike thieves.

More in the Mercury News: San Jose Man tackles suspected bicycle thief being chased by cops.

Good Karma Update: Surly bikes heard about Carlos’s heroism and they’re sending a new LHT for him soon! How cool is that?

In case you wonder what an alleged bike thief looks like so you can say “hello” after he’s released from lockup, here’s his mugshot photo.

Richard Higgerson alleged bike thief mug shot

(Photo of Carlos by Richard Masoner. Mugshot photo of Richard Higgerson from San Jose PD.)


  1. First off Carlos is never Surly per se, but he did like that bike… and I hope he can say how far up Sierra Road that is.

    Yes, that’s right, he rode it up Sierra Road all the way to the finish line ahead of the professionals on the Amgen Tour. I know a lot of people half his age and bikes less than half the weight that can’t do that. You go Carlos!

  2. Yep, I know Carlos is super nice. I took extreme artistic license with the story.

    I was very impressed with his ride up Sierra Road, and in his biz-casual attire and office shoes, no less!

  3. yea i know Richard, and you did it very well 😉
    totally agree with you on how dapper he is… 
    my “business casual” has never crossed over to the bike
    Carlos is expressing his inner Copenhagen when he rides….
    and his inner Terminator when he sees guys fleeing SJPD. 

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