CHP Bike Patrol

The California Highway Patrol acts as the state police for California. In addition to their well known role enforcing traffic law on California highways, CHP officers patrol the State Capitol building and other state facilities throughout the downtown area. Mounted patrols and bicycle patrols are perfect for the alleyways and numerous small parks in Sacramento’s downtown.

CHP Bike Patrol

After asking for directions to the Hyatt (which took me the wrong way down a one-way street), I asked these officers if sidewalk riding is legal in Sacramento. “Technically no,” responded the office looking at me, “but if you’re riding at walking speed I’m not going to hassle you about it.”


  1. Leave it to CHP to give you bad advise.  Riding on the sidewalk is illegal here in Sacto. The local bike cops will talk to you about it.  

  2. This is a serious-ish question. Do the rules for driving and talking in California apply to cyclists?

  3. If you’re talking about mobile device use: No, cyclists are specifically exempted from the cell phone ban, mostly because of an oversight in the enabling legislation.  State Senator Joe Simitian tried to fix this in 2011 with SB 28, but Governor Brown vetoed that bill.

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