Dan Coyle wants CPSC certification for his helmets, but…

Do you remember those beautiful wood laminate helmets from Dan Coyle?


I previously reported that Dan planned to obtain CPSC certification for his helmets, which allows him to legally sell these as bicycle helmets in the United States. He’s already run a small sample of helmets through the test process at a CPSC certified lab, but to obtain a real certification, he needs more helmets than he typically manufactures in a year.

To that end, he posted an Indiegogo project to purchase equipment so he can build the helmets. He’s already a quarter of the way to his $27,000 goal, with just over three weeks to go.

These helmets are comfortable and reasonably lightweight and ventilated — about the same as multisport styled hard shell helmets. I’m impressed with the engineering and design that Coyle has put into his helmets, and he’s put a lot of thought into the challenges of working with natural materials.

To learn more and support his project, visit Dan Coyle’s indiegogo page.

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