1. The biggest issue with something like this as opposed to pedals which are made to be dual is that with these platforms, the pedals will be a quarter inch or so higher.

    Also, without a mechanism to prevent it, you may accidentally unclip them by twisting. I have dual pedals and I know that even when I am on the platform side, I sometimes instinctively twist out.

  2. I need a pair of these for the 2-3 times a year I leave the cleats at home. Never going to mount half-n-half or flat pedals, and I have 4 pairs of cleated shoes & sandals to cover almost all the riding I do, but there are still a few times none of that works.

    Yeah, I guess they could twist out & true they will make a small fit difference (which is also true of my non-cycling shoes anyway) so that’s all the more reason to do this from scraps & trash instead of a $20 thing I can buy.

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