Dumb question on California 3 foot legislation

Update: I heard from the California Bicycle Coalition that the deadline is September 30.

California SB 1464, which mandates a minimum 3 foot passing distance around cyclists, passed the state Assembly and Senate and was presented to the Governor’s office for his signature on September 6, 2012.

Governor Brown has 12 days to either sign or veto the legislation. I haven’t seen SB 1464 mentioned in his daily legislative updates, and 12 days have passed, so… that means 1464 is now law, right?

Does anybody know for sure?


  1. http://www.statescape.com/resources/governors/govsigndeadline.aspx
    During session, governor must sign or veto legislation within 12 days of the day of transmittal, or it becomes law without signature. However, if the 12th day is a Sunday or a holiday, governor has until next working day to act. Governor has until September 30 to sign or veto legislation in his/her possession on the day legislature adjourns (usually August 31), or legislation becomes law without signature.

  2. September 6 + 12 days is either the 18th or 19th depending on whether or not you count September 6. That’s either Tuesday or Wednesday, and the assembly adjourned on the 9/24, so it would seem that the “until September 30th…” clause wouldn’t be invoked here.

    IANAL but it looks like his time to veto it has elapsed.

  3. He has to sign within 12 days or by September 30th if the bill comes to his desk at the end of the legislative session, which I think this did. The latter rule makes sense because it is foreseeable that a governor would receive a lot of legislation toward the end of the session.

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