1. I won’t be surprised that people do these things on bike as well. There are just as many stupid driver as there are on a bicycle, putting ppl on bike don’t make them smarter or nicer.

    Maybe you can post this video on your blog as well…. it’ll show just how many violation are cause by the cyclist…  


  2. Stan has targeted cyclists on his “People Behaving Badly” series as well, and I’ll likely feature one or two of those videos.

    Mzungu, if you’re anything at all like 93% of the U.S. population, you believe you’re better than the average driver, and you believe you almost never break traffic laws. If we put a video camera in your car, however, we’d likely spot numerous traffic violations probably within five minutes of you leaving the driveway.

  3. It is pretty tough to text on a bike. Perhaps that is why I see lots of motorists doing it but few cyclists.

  4. Thank you for your kind words! For the record I have seen bicyclist riding with no hands while texting on busy downtown SF streets. I am constantly amazed at what I see in just a few hours not a few days ……. That means it’s a systemic problem!

  5. Stan Roberts with KRON4 takes video of drivers forgetting about things at the Bay Bridge toll plaza in Emeryville, CA. I’m sure we’ve all seen similar things on the road.

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