One piece bicycle rainsuit

The $300+ retail price might seem spendy, but durable fabrics that are truly waterproof and breathable cost a lot of money. You have to dig for it, but Smart Products does claim to have sealed seams, which is the dividing line between truly waterproof technical apparel and those that claim to be ‘waterproof.’

Available in any color as long as its black. Buy online from Smart Products. Ships from the Netherlands (I think). Via Gizmodo.


  1. I’m sweating just looking at it. “WPB” is nice if you aren’t being active, because even if the jacket is too warm, then some vapor is released. That effect doesn’t work if you are putting out any effort though, which is why good cycling jackets have vents in the right places and full zippers. I’d buy two Shower Pass jackets instead.

  2. Maybe it’s because I’m short, but I’ve never had any rain come through between my jacket and overtrousers. Is this a problem for anyone? Two pieces also allows more flexibility, and you can get a colored jacket so you’re not invisible in the rain.

    The overshoes look like they’d work without cleats, which would be awesome if they stay in place. I’d like some of those, and having them integrated into the trousers does seem a little more convenient than separate ones.

  3. To be honest, I think that one piece suit is a solution in search of a problem.I hesitated in criticizing it in my main post since I thought maybe somebody might see something useful in it.

  4. ONE WORD: RECUMBENTS! Having a seam between pants and jacket when leaning back = puddle in lap/seepage. It is possible to work around it, and different seat/pedal angles have different effects, but one piece would TOTALLY negate that issue.

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