Paul Smith cycling shorts

English fashion designer Sir Paul Smith has some natty duds for men in his 2012 Spring / Summer collection that incorporates a cycling motif. And he still rides a bicycle!

Paul Smith’s only ambition as a teen was to become a racing cyclist, and he left school to fulfill that dream. His father, however, yanked him back to reality by forcing him to work at a clothing warehouse. When Smith was 18, he was riding like a maniac when he collided into the back of a car. He flipped and and over and landed in front of the car, breaking several bones. He became more acquainted with people in the fashion world during his recovery, and he’s designed menswear ever since. He began designing for women in 1998.

Paul Smith cycling shorts Spring / Summer 2012

In addition to these shorts, he also has these dark pants with the cycling them.

Paul Smith pants bicycle theme Spring / Summer 2012

Buy online for US$105. Via Hypebeast.

Paul Smith says he still rides “although I’m a bit of a fine-weather boy these days.” The 62-year-old fashion mogul keeps an old Mercian track bike in the office that can still trackstand like a boss!

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