New UK Transpo Minister hit a cyclist

UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s newly reshuffled cabinet includes Simon Burns. In 2008, the Conservative Party politician was involved in a collision with a cyclist as he drove his SUV out of Westminster Palace into Parliament Square.

As he pulled out through the gates of Westminster, Burns stopped and looked for cross traffic. In a classic SMIDSY move, Burns pulled out directly into the path of British Army Major Stuart Lane, who was thrown over the handlebars of his bicycle and broke two vertebrae in his neck.

In February 2009 Burns pleaded guilty to a charge of careless driving and was fined £400 plus court costs of £200, the equivalent of roughly US$1000.

Burns replaces Theresa Villiers as Transport Minister. Ms Villiers is an avid cyclist who was frequently seen commuting to the office in London. She broke her collarbone in July 2012 in a solo crash. Villiers is now Secretary of State for Northern Ireland


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