WD-40 Bike

WD-40 announces a new business unit, WD-40 BIKE. Thoughts and comments on this?

WD-40 Bike lube

Products include a dry lube, wet lube, degreaser, foaming wash and frame protectant and will be launched in the USA at Interbike in September, where dealers can place orders.

These clearly aren’t WD-40’s more familiar solvent/lubricant spray that sometimes cause so much controversial conversation in the bike shop. The press release announcing WD-40 BIKE says “The WD-40 brand is definitely no stranger to bicycling. The original WD-40 Multi-Use Product has been a mainstay in the toolboxes of bike mechanics for decades. The new WD-40 BIKE line blends our considerable experience with the demands of today’s bike technology to present a comprehensive high-performance maintenance package.”

Look for it in your local bike shop in a month or three.


  1. …interesting link back to a wd-40 discussion some of us had about 4 years ago…

    …ummm, did i really say those things ???…man, you gotta be careful with this internet thingy ‘cuz it follows you around, ya ???…

    …actually, most comments were factually directed with the addition of some liberally applied ‘humor’

  2. …yep…ed w sent me a cat years ago & after i use him to wipe down my chain, i just throw him in the washing machine for a quick cycle…

    …but i do use the permanent press / gentle cycle in deference ‘cuz hey, he IS a cat, ya ???…

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