Bay Area: Rain Tuesday!

The National Weather Service says we might get as much as a quarter inch of rain in the San Francisco Bay Area, and up to a half inch in Santa Cruz. The storm will travel across the Bay Area during the morning rush hour and move south, so plan accordingly.

Bike news below.

Chico Tweed Ride

Chico Tweed Ride, Sunday, November 22. Rain or shine.

Menlo Park Transportation Commission votes unamimously to remove street parking from Laurel Street at the behest of locals who ride bikes along this street.

The Bicycle Man of Belmont passes at age 96.

Dial S for Sharrows: “Listen, Dollface, I don’t speak Russian.” Via Urban Velo.

The narrowest bike path in Britain?

Oregon DOT says BTA road financing campaign full of inaccuracies.

Not Guilty plea by driver of a pickup truck who struck three people on bicycles last summer in Maine.

SF Bike Coalition meeting for more fair enforcement by SFPD.

Enraged cyclists arrested after “he caused much fear and panic in the mind of the driver.”

InMenlo covers Beeline Bikes.

Keep the rubber side down on those slick roads tomorrow!


  1. “Luckily” for me I am off my bike for the next month or more while I heal a fractured scaphoid. I had a literal run in with a member of the homeless community last week when he walked right in front of my bicycle. Looks like I’ll watch the storm pass from inside buses and trains.

    Now that my hand feels better I’ll be taking some photos to post a very cool DIY blog for cyclists, just in time for the storm, it’ll be very penitent if you ride in glasses like me.

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