Good Friday

Rain is likely in my part of California over the weekend, but I know several people who plan loong (as in several hundred miles) bike trips anyhow. Have a great time and have a great Easter weekend.

Bicycle news roundup below…


Over 40% of Facebook’s employees in Menlo Park, CA use “alternative” transportation to get to work.

Bringing bike culture back to China and Taiwan.

Menlo Park, CA Alpine Road bike project update.

Farmers in Ventura County California claim a proposed rail trail project through farmland will result in food safety problems as hordes of cyclists and their pets will “relieve themselves on the crops.” Have these farmers ever opposed road projects through their farms for the same reasons?

Bicycle helmet citation overturned for turban clad cyclist Jasdeep Atwal in Brisbane. Bicycle Queensland backs changes to that state’s mandatory helmet law to allow for religious exemptions.

Arkansas legislators defeat a mandatory bicycle helmet law for now, but the helmet promoters promise to continue the fight.

Watsonville pro road cyclist Ben Jaques-Maynes in the local news.

Redhook Crit goes legit.

San Diego deletes its bicycle license requirement.

Intergenerational bike ride in Monterey County, May 11 2013.

I haven’t written anything about Ines Brunn in a while, so a link to Core 77’s mention of her is worthwhile.

I can sustain about 200 watts for an hour, so I don’t know how useful this 300 Watt Bicycle Generator might be to me.

Pedal car races for the Bay Area Maker Faire coming up May 18 and 19, 2013.

Merced County California cyclist arrested after “impeding traffic in a parking lot“? Seriously?


  1. As for the “impeding traffic in a parking lot” story, I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing, and maybe even not the stop sign violation they also got him for. I’ve been told that even if store owners put up stop signs (or any other traffic signs) on their private property, they are for traffic management only and are not enforceable. Any lawyers want to chime in n this?

    As for the police officer pulling in front of the cyclist and causing him to crash, That also sounds rather inappropriate to me. That’s the type of maneuver one would pull during a high speed car chase, but I can’t imagine that it would have been that hard for them to keep up with and corner this guy on a bike. I’m not condoning breaking the law, and especially not condoning fleeing the police, but I’m just saying.

  2. In California, police can enforce California Vehicle Code in private parking lots, though there are rules about the applicability.

    But how do you impede traffic in a parking lot? Maybe the guy was being a complete jackass and just sitting in the middle of the lane or something, but then I see people in cars doing that all the time, idling their car with their turn signal blinking while waiting minutes for a parking space to open up.


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