Every lane a bike lane

Truth from Metro – Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Every Lane is a Bike Lane  -  LA Metro

I’ll just quote Metro’s announcement of their Share the Road campaign verbatim and in its entirety since they get it absolutely right.

Metro is launching a new campaign to increase bicycle traffic safety in Los Angeles County. The campaign will include signs on buses, billboards and radio spots with the message “Every Lane is a Bike Lane … Bicyclists may need a full lane; Please share the road.” The ads will run from March to May, leading up to Bike Week May 13 through 17.

As per California Vehicle Code (CVC) 21200, bicycle riders may use any lane in the street since they have the same rights and must follow the same laws as car drivers. Bicyclists may need the full lane to safely navigate specific road and traffic conditions. In addition, CVC 21202 sets out several situations in which bicyclists are specifically permitted to leave their usual position on the far right of the street:

  • To avoid obstacles and unsafe conditions (including the door zone along parallel-parked vehicles)
  • To pass another bicyclist, car or bus
  • To prepare for a left turn
  • To avoid an area where right turns are made
  • When traveling as fast or faster than other traffic at that time and place
  • When the lane is too narrow to share with a vehicle

Via Biking in LA, where you can find the usual big collection of bike news local and national.


  1. As I explained to my mother, here in North Texas, we have a LOT of bike lanes that motorists are allowed to use when no cyclists are using them…

  2. Yep, lots of bike lanes as soon as the cars get out of them, which may be sooner than they think…

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