1. The lawyer lips on the front wheel are useful for something after all. Do you carry two U-locks or do you just use the U on the back and a cable on the front?

  2. I always lock sheldon style and not too infrequently double lock. Most often it is mid-size U-Lock through back wheel, frame and around secure rack with cable around front wheel. Sometimes add either mini-uLock to frame or add a high grade chain/lock combo.

    Right on, rear wheel is most expensive single part to replace. Otherwise, it does depend on the bike a bit. My older bikes don’t have lawyer tabs, and have seim-horizontal dropouts so the rear wheel is a bit harder to get out.

  3. And lock your *seat,* too — I chased off a seat thief Monday afternoon in downtown SF, put the seat back on, went to the store, got a little (sort of) Abus lock just for the seat. An hour or so later I look outside to see *another* would-be-pincher examining the lock… (and giving up after a minute)

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