Figueroa & 11th, Los Angeles, California

Today, Figueroa Street in Los Angeles is kind of your typical six lane traffic sewer. As Steve Hymon writes for The (LA Metro) Source:

Figueroa is one of those big, wide Los Angeles streets that resembles a freeway stuffed into the midst of a city. Los Angeles Councilwoman Jan Perry and the city’s Department of Transportation have been pushing efforts to transform Figueroa into something better — and I think it’s already improved somewhat.

Here’s how Figueroa looks today looking north at 11th Street as seen by Google Streetview:

Los Angeles Figueroa Street

LADOT plans a complete, multimodal street to provide a safer, sustainable, more comfortable local environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders while still accommodating drivers. Here’s a view of the streetscape they have in mind for this location. LADOT plans the city’s first separated cycleway and bike traffic signals for this street.

Figueroa Street Los Angeles

As one of the first “complete streets” in the city, the Figueroa Corridor will include people-focused streetscape elements like pedestrian-oriented signage, transit platforms for boarding buses, and a three-mile bikeway complete with bike signaling. Additionally, the project will physically connect South L.A. and Downtown, linking notable landmarks, entertainment destinations and vibrant neighborhoods from LA Live to the USC campus and Expo Park.

Other highlights for the LADOT-managed project include pedestrian and bike improvements like high-visibility crosswalks, widened sidewalks, transit platforms, more street trees and landscaping, better signalization and signage, and public art.

Public outreach and other community meetings begin in two weeks. Learn more at MyFigueroa website.

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