No driving for Mr Roadshow

My favorite and I think one of the most informed traffic columnists out there is Gary Richards aka “Mr Roadshow” of the San Jose Mercury News. Because of damage in his right foot due to severe neuropathy, his doctor has ordered him to limit his walking and no driving for six to eight months. Apparently, even the simple act of pushing the accelerator and brake is enough to cause further damage to his foot.

He uses his condition to lead in to a story about those who cannot drive because of age or disability. He doesn’t specifically cover the challenges of getting around our built environment if you can’t drive, but rather the emotional hit because driving is so much a part of our culture and identities.

Bicycle News


A happy stolen bike recovery story, in which San Francisco resident Keith Berkoben sees his bike on Craigslist Santa Cruz.

A bicycle made completely from car parts at Carma Project.

Eastern Oregon hunting ranch reinvents itself as a bicycle tourism destination.

$2M judgement against Japanese importer of Bianchi bicycles after a man is paralyzed when his front wheel falls off.

Chinese citizen seen crossing into Canada on the Niagra River with an inflatable raft and a bicycle.

Crash test dummy rides a bicycle.


  1. I was recently unable to ride a bike for two weeks due to a medical procedure. It was NO FUN. I feel sorry for this Mr. Roadshow.

  2. You know, a car can be driven without using your right foot… as a lefty, I often switch to my left foot on long highway trips.

    As for the Carma bike, they say it’s not “entirely” made of bike parts, and it clearly has several bike parts like the cranks, pedals, wheels, seatpost. Neat project, but not purely car parts. For some reason I have a pet peeve about bikes advertised as 100% anything – because they usually aren’t.

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