Impeding traffic as a pretext for warrantless search

Old news I know, but I missed it since I was on vacation.

A group of people cycling down four lane Western Avenue in Gardena, CA are stopped and cited for “impeding traffic,” frisked, and then lectured by clue-impaired Gardena officers that they should stay out of traffic because, apparently, they refuse to enforce traffic laws against motorists. The only law that matters for Gardena PD is the one that doesn’t exist: YOU MUST GO FASTER AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY!

22400 (a) vc Impeding Traffic from Danny and Kat ZKO on Vimeo.

Lots of discussion about the nuances of California Vehicle Code in this matter.

More bicycle news, etc

75,000 signatures on a petition demanding a female edition of the Tour de France. ASO says they’re thinking about it.

Streetsblog dares San Francisco prosecutor George Gascon to send the same message to deadly drivers that he sends to cyclists.

VA Tech hiring a bicycle program coordinator.

Check out what DC Metro Police send to their local bike party.

DC Metropolitan Police Bike Patrol at DC Bike Party

Much nicer than the helicopter our most recent San Jose bike party were treated to. Photo stolen from Gwadzilla, where you can see several more photos from that fun event.

A bicycle camp in Spokane for disabled children.

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge begins August 19 in Aspen, Colorado. I haven’t heard of any women’s events for the Colorado race; at least Amgen Tour of California has a token (if untelevised) women’s time trial or criterium in most years.

For great professional women’s racing this weekend, don’t miss the 8th Annual Menlo Park Grand Prix on Sunday, Menlo Park, California.


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