Specialized Turbo ebike seen in the wild

I was just riding along this morning when a guy whizzed past at about 25 MPH on his red Specialized Turbo on the Guadalupe River Trail this morning. You can just see the rider and his bike in the enlarged inset.

Specialized Turbo seen in the wild

Green shirt pulled out the stops to chase Turbo Guy down. I tagged along in this little chase until I dropped my camera immediately after shooting this photo 🙁

The Turbo is Specialized’s entry into the electric bicycle market.


  1. I’m surprised a city would allow motorized vehicles on a bike path. You must get a lot of scooter traffic….

  2. Technically motorized vehicles are not aloud on the bike path, but in my ~2 years of riding it almost every work day I have seen one electric bike and one guy on a weird chopper moped contraption. It isn’t much of a problem.

  3. Correct, no motorized bicycles are allowed on California paths unless local ordinance specifies otherwise.

    It’s not a problem on the Guadalupe River Trail but I have seen trails crowded with scooters and what not in other areas. Some California State Parks and regional open space rangers will cite you if they catch you on their trails with an e-bike. Enforcement can be strong on Golden Gate Bridge sidewalk, too.

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