The Wall Street Journal’s *other* spin on bike share

We’ve all seen that cranky tantrum by Dorothy Rabinowitz, who sits on the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board. That was one for the ages.

Jason Gay, a sports writer for the Journal who frequently writes on bicycling issues in New York City has another take on the new (and tremendously popular) Citi Bike Share while poking a little discrete fun at Ms Rabinowitz and others who try to generate controversy out of something that isn’t so controversial.

I … purchased a one-day supply of one of New York’s brand new “bike-share” bikes, which I have begun to call the End of the World Bikes, because they are here and they are apparently hellbent on ruining A) New York City B) the United States and lastly C) Earth as we know it.

My End of the World Bike got me where I wanted to go. Nobody yelled at me that my bike was destroying civilization. When I was done with my End of the World Bike I parked it in another bike share station. The whole experience was rather simple. I believe this is the point of the bike.

Somehow this act has become “controversial” in New York. Sharing bicycles.

I don’t know if it’s actually controversial or it’s just fun to make it sound controversial because that is what New York does. Polls have shown the majority of residents support bike share. They also support bike lanes, which before bike share arrived were the thing that going to ruin life as we know it in New York.

More at the Wall Street Journal: Bikes and the End of the World.


  1. Jason’s positive comments have attracted a tremendous amount of bike hatred in the comments section.

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