2014 Election: My San Jose predictions vs the results

Santa Clara County has completed their vote counts and the results are in. I compare my predictions versus the results. Under California’s open primary system, the top two voters are placed on the general election ballot this November. If any candidate gets a majority in the primary, that person is the immediate winner with no run off election.


Dave Cortese won with 34% of the votes, with Sam Liccardo in second place at 25%, which is what I predicted. Both will appear on the November ballot. Madison Nguyen in third place won 21% of the votes.

I support Liccardo, although Cortese is not a horrible choice. I’m gonna go out on a limb now and predict Cortese will win this November.

District 1

I endorsed Susan Marsland, who took third place in this race with 17% of the vote. The two winners — Paul Fong (29%) and Chappie Jones (23%) — matches my predictions. My guess for November: Fong will win.

District 3

I predicted Gagliardi and Sutherland and completely missed: the winners are San Jose police officer Raul Perelez and Don Gagliardi. Gagliardi just eeked ahead of Sutherland by 110 votes.

I continue to endorse Gagliardi for the November race. Both Perelez and Gagliardi will have a lot of money behind each of their campaigns.

District 5

I predicted incumbent Xavier Campos would take the top spot, with Magdalena Carrasco winning enough to appear on the November ballot with him. It turns out D-5 voters are sick of Campos’s shenanigans and voted his tail out of office. The results are not yet official, but it appears Carrasco won a majority.

District 7

I made no prediction for this District. Tam Nyugen and Maya Esparza will appear on the November ballot.

District 9

I predicted a win for incumbent Donald Rocha; he bagged it at 74%.

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