David Cortese wants more dead pedestrians in San Jose

In a recent interview with local talk radio KLIV, San Jose Mayoral candidate David Cortese said the city needs to abandon its efforts to create a safer environment for all road users. He wants wider streets, more lanes, and faster traffic, because apparently 26 dead pedestrians and cyclists wasn’t enough for him in 2013. In response, cycling advocates in California’s third largest city have started a voter registration drive to encourage those who are most affected by this epidemic of violence to vote. Voter registration in California is easy – just fill out this online form. You may need to sign a form and mail it in.

A collection of traffic safety news and biking tidbits below the photo of the biking surfer.

surfboard rack in Santa Cruz

Pete Seeger rode a bicycle. R.I.P.

Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes wants to help you start a bike to school program for your Seattle neighborhood.

Driver hits pedestrian, pedestrian punches driver. Guess who police are talking about charging with a crime?

The Texas Tea Party uncovers nefarious Agenda 21 Plot to begrime a Fort Worth suburb with bike lanes. H/T Biking In LA.

Car culture: It’s in the bag.

Pileups should not be blamed on weather. Amen.

A better bike + pedestrian path for the new Highway 41 bridge in South Carolina.

Beverly Hills city council votes for bike lanes on Santa Monica Boulevard rebuild.

On NYC Vision Zero: “I want the streets safer so it doesn’t happen to someone else.”

Cat 3 cyclocross racer sanctioned for doping.


  1. During the mayoral debate a few weeks ago, Cortese criticized Liccardo over General Plan implementation, saying that it’s one thing to pass a document, another to put it into action. Now Corteses wants to roll back the bike lanes, which are a part of General Plan implementation. This would effectively “un-implement” part of the General Plan. This seems rather hypocritical.

  2. Is there a compiled list somewhere of the 2013 pedestrian and bike fatalities in San Jose? At least a list of names. Working on some letters.

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