Two-way cycletrack for San Jose CA?

After community feedback from the public in a larger discussion about better bike facilities on the east side of San Jose, California, SJDOT engineers are apparently considering a two way cycletrack to allow southbound cyclists on Sunset Avenue to legally cross Story Road to Hopkins Drive.

Sunset / Story / Hopkins two-way cycletrack

Sunset Avenue provides a north-sound connection across I-680 free of high speed highway access ramp just north of Story Road. Other nearby crossings either have freeway ramps or, in the case of Highway 101, the crossing is completely inaccessible to cyclists and pedestrians.

Southbound cyclists at Story Road, however, cannot easily make the dogleg turn to Hopkins. The median on Story Road prevents left turns from Sunset.

The solution proposed by SJDOT is a two-way cycletrack, shown in green in the above illustration, along the existing sidewalk on Sunset and Story. It appears the city plans to put the cycletrack where street parking exists currently.

Your thoughts on this?

H/T Bob Shantea for bringing this to wider attention.


  1. Anybody know whats the difference between the white and black arrows, and why some arrows have single or double lines?

  2. I have a feeling that’s what cyclists (and maybe motorists) already do. Don’t know what’s wrong with that other than maybe the city can’t really suggest crossing private property. OTOH, the city maintains a traffic light for that parking lot driveway.

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