Electronic pedal charges itself

French startup Connected Cycle says this bicycle pedal, which tracks the location and speed of its attached bicycle, provides its own electrical power.

Connected Cycle self charging pedal

Connected Cycle says their bike pedal automatically records the speed, route, incline, and calories burned for every bike trip, uploading the data to a Connected Cycles web service. There’s no need to start an app or to even carry a mobile device with you, though they say they’ll have an app to help you track your rides and your bike.

Connected Cycle also targets their product to bike share programs. It seems to be this would be especially suited to dockless corporate fleet programs.

No external charging is required because this pedal charges itself as you pedal. Clever, yes?

Price, availability, distribution, supported devices are all TBD as of yet. I’ve reached out to Connected Cycles for this information. Info at their website.


  1. This is awesome! I remember seeing a bike that also assisted the rider in pedaling the bike (it had a motor). I’d love to see that these features on that bike.

  2. STUPID! Why in the world do these companies make single sided pedals for standard shoes? This abomination was “designed” by an industrial designer with near-zero cycling experience. Unless there’s a small gyro-motor in it… which is ignorantly over designed, or super high friction bearings (which is anti-user-friendly). Pedalite did the same idiot move, and weighted the thing wrong so that if you used the toe cages is was darn-near immpossible to use. It’s basic physics…

  3. Maybe the French don’t use clips or cleats for their common bicycle? Maybe most people in France ride Cruiser style bicycles? Not everyone rides racing bikes. I see mostly either simple mountain bikes, single speed cruiser bikes, or BMX bikes here in Jacksonville, FL I am normally the only one wearing clips and on rear occasions I see a racing bike rider with cleats. I still think it’s stupid though just a gimmick and a waste of money. The bikes they are made for don’t cost enough to justify such a thing. It’s either that or a sad attempt for the French to track cyclist in other countries?

  4. Oh I used the words Cruiser bike aka Roadster or City bike is the type of bike I am referring too.

  5. @Johnny, he’s not complaining about the lack of clips or cleats. He’s complaining that this flat pedal is single sided. Look at the photo and you’ll see what he’s talking about.

  6. Given there’s a generator in the pedal, I can assure you they are effectively high friction bearings. At least in one of the two pedals…

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