San Jose Bike Train rolls on Wednesday, and a question

The outside temperature should be around 50°F / 10°C when San Jose Bike Train rolls at 8 AM Wednesday morning from Diridon Station. Per usual, we’ll stop by Bel Bacio in Little Italy shortly afterwards to round up those who would like to wait for their train in the comfort of a cozy cafe.

San Jose Bike Train meets at Bel Bacio Cafe

I’d also like to open up for discussion the question of running Bike Train over the winter. We finally have something like a normal winter in this part of California, with a decent rain storm every week for the past three weeks. I really enjoy the company on Bike Train, but my travel time to San Jose becomes very unpredictable once the roads get wet.

Would somebody else like to take on ride leader duties? Or should we break until after El Nino passes next Spring?

Let me know in the comments.


  1. I’d hate to just cancel it flat out for the winter months (we’d miss the 2nd birthday of the bike train!) but I know I’m not a fan of rain riding. Maybe play it by ear? Or is that too hectic on other schedules?

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