Texas Transportation Institute says “Reduce stress with San Jose Bike Train”

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute released their annual mobility report last week. Just in case you didn’t already know this, the TTI reports once again that your car commute costs you in time, money, and well-being.

Wilshire Boulevard traffic congestion

Hidden near the usual advice for more lanes to solve congestion, the report also hints at a possible solution that you personally can try THIS WEEK to improve your life!

Transportation wonks note that sciency-looking metrics in the mobility report support pro-freeway policies in what is often used as an advocacy document. The annual report does include boilerplate, however, to support bicycling as “part, but not all, of the mobility solution.”

If you own a bike, work somewhere around the North First area of San Jose, CA, and can get to near downtown San Jose, I invite you to join us this Wednesday morning on San Jose Bike Train.

San Jose Bike Train is a casual pace ride that takes place almost entirely on a car-free trail, with any kind of folk on any kind of bike in any kind of apparel welcome to ride with.

San Jose Bike Train Parking

San Jose Bike Train initially connected to public transportation at Diridon Station. We still do that, but if you need to drive part way, free, all-day parking is available adjacent to the Guadalupe River Trail at 580 Autumn Street, San Jose, CA. If you plan to park here, please read this and please let me know to look for you at this location. I’m not responsible for any damage to your car or its contents at this location; it’s a public street, after all. The area is well-lit and well-traveled, and the San Jose Crime Map shows no reported vehicle break-ins for the past 90 days.

Bike Train departs from San Jose Diridon Station at 8 AM from the Amtrak bus shelter near the Track 1 gate. We stop shortly thereafter at Bel Baccio Cafe, which has become the more popular meetup location, before proceeding north past Autumn Street on the Guadalupe River Trail.

Bike Train continues north past Taylor, Hedding, the airport, Brokaw, Trimble Road, Montague Expressway to River Oaks Parkway and beyond if necessary. The Guadalupe River Trail mostly runs parallel to First Street and Highway 87.

If you need to look for Bike Train at the last minute, you can find us using Glympse, which provides real-time tracking for participants. Try to ping me via Twitter or Facebook before about 7:45 AM on Wednesday.

I hope to see you on Wednesday!

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