For those about to ride, we salute you

A salute to Ian, David, Dan, Karen, Brent, Karl and Vinny, who joined this morning’s San Jose Bike Train.

South Vietnam Flag

Vinny, a regular bike train participant, is a Vietnamese guy who routinely bikes to his technology job in Santa Clara. This morning he rode his Bianchi San Remo, a lugged CrMo touring bike. In his heavily accented English, Vinny told me about AC/DC’s upcoming tour of Vietnam.

Me (who hasn’t followed the band since the late 1980s): “AC/DC? They’re still around?”

Vinny: “Yes, of course, very active!”

Me: “Why Vietnam?”


Vinny: “Because AC/DC leader Tony Le, he Vietnamese.”

Me (thinking to myself): When did AC/DC replace Brian Johnson?
Me: “I imagine metal might be popular with younger Vietnamese.”

Vinny (who’s my age, rides steel & titanium bikes): “I like my bikes, but kids have carbon fiber.”

Me (confused by this non-sequitur but pressing on anyway): “So Tony Lee, did he settle in Australia or something?”


Vinny: “No no, he come from America.”

Me: “What kind of voice does he have? When did he start singing for AC/DC?”


Vinny: [ pause, then a smile ] ACTC! Not AC/DC, A-C-T-C! They do Vietnam cycle tour. Tony Le is president ACTC.

Me: [ Realization dawns that Vinny is talking about the Almaden Cycle Touring Club ]


The next Bike Train rolls 8:15 A.M. on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 from Caffe Bel Bacio on the Guadalupe River Trail near downtown San Jose, California. Subscribe to the Google Group for ride announcements, or follow the San Jose Bike Train Facebook page for occasional updates and theme announcements.


  1. You had to ask if AC/DC was still around? ;-( Brian Johnson was just replaced, but not by someone from Viet Nam. (Glad to have joined you today!)

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