San Jose Lincoln Avenue paving to make road diet permanent.

Lincoln Avenue road diet street view

Those of you who bike on Lincoln Avenue through Willow Glen have already noticed the city has ground out the bike lanes and other road markings.

This is the paving work to make the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet permanent, per the city council vote on June 28, 2016.

The work should be complete by tomorrow, although the new asphalt might still be a little sticky for a couple of days.


  1. Another fad diet that will keep on being disappointing and dangerous.
    Just like any diet it has to be a lifestyle instead, education and training is the way to go, look at the Netherlands, they didn’t just build some silly small corridors where motorists turn right and traffic merges in from the right and you are squeezed next to parked cars, no they built some infra but have educated everyone to use them (most motorists there also ride bikes often), they’re all in this together. As long as we try too hard to get people flocking out of the blue on some magical corridor, they will remain potentially dangerous…

  2. Hi Sandy, and thank you for dropping by. Lincoln Ave could certainly be better but this was mostly a re-paving project which SJDOT used as opportunity to also restripe the lanes. In spite of these limitations, the 9 month trial objectively demonstrated significant improvement in safety for all road users, even as bike and pedestrian counts went up. For more background on this specific project, please see

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