Superman planking on a brakeless fixie

Update: Video here on Instagram, which also shows cyclist Michael Guerra slowing his brakeless track bike by rubbing both shoes against the rear wheel before clipping back in.

This GIF of a guy pulling a superman while rolling downhill on a track bike is making the rounds on various social media.

Not sure who I'm more impressed with

I think I counted 140 RPM when he releases his feet from the pedals. After watching this animation a buddy reminded me of our lunch rides in Boulder County, Colorado. I’d show up on my fixed gear, and naturally everyone else picked that day for hill work. I’d unclip on fast downhills because my feet couldn’t keep up. On my 42×14 gearing, I’d hit about 200 RPM at 50 MPH. Unlike the guy in the video, I stayed seated and rested my feet inside the front triangle. Also unlike the guy in the video, I rode with brakes.

I’m very good at clipping in, because I had to learn to do it with pedals on the move at about 80 RPM.

H/T to Leon and John. Filed under Stupid Bike Tricks, where you can find an old video of the famous Lady Fleur planking on her bike.


  1. My favorite part is how he slows down. When I was young and poor and not very bright I had a bike with broken rear brakes. I got very good at slipping my foot off the pedal and rubbing the rear tire with my heel, but I never considered using both feet to do that. Respect!

  2. Just find it funny how the next post is about “blame the driver” cycling safety… behaviors like this on the road, and how roadies loves watching this, kind of speaks to the behaviors of some cyclist out there…. Aside from the redling running guys that passed me… This is the reason cops and some of the public are likely right to blame cyclist.

  3. Looks really cool! But I guess to the moment he manages to slow down enough to get his feet on pedals back, others would pass him again.

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