Movers and Shakers on Bay Area Bike to Work Day Thursday May 11

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Hi all – remember, the nine county San Francisco Bay Area celebrates Bike to Work Day next Thursday, May 11, 2017. There’s a lot going locally and beyond; I’ll highlight the bits that interest me.

  • For those of you who travel to, through, or near downtown San Jose, don’t miss the Movers and Shakers Ride from MLK Library in downtown San Jose to VTA Headquarters in North San Jose. Movers and Shakers is like a hundred strong bike party with elected officials. Festivities begin at the library at 7:20 A.M., with wheels on the road perhaps a half hour later.

    Movers & Shakers Ride 2016 DTSJ San Fernando Street

  • You’re invited to the Bike After Work Bash, where I’ll drop in to accept my Honorable Mention as Santa Clara County Bike Commuter of the Year.
  • SF2G holds their annual epic ride from San Francisco down the Peninsula to the South Bay. They’ll drop by the famously epic Energizer Station at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores. I invite you also to visit the Energizer Station at my place of employment at Oracle in Santa Clara, where they serve up delicious egg dishes, breakfast meats, good yogurt, Peet’s Coffee, tea, bagels and more. The Santa Clara Energizer Station will be on Agnew across from Garrity Way.
  • Santa Cruz County also celebrates Bike to Work Week next week, with Bike to Work Day on Thursday. I originally planned to lead a ride “over the hill” from Scotts Valley into San Jose, but I’ve had to change those plans. If you’d like to lead such a ride please leave a comment!

More later!


  1. “Will bike for free food!” Is the Oracle food stop the best in the area, and when does it open? I’m willing to modify my route a bit…

  2. I hear Cisco, Google and Tesla have good Energizer Stations. Some activities might be limited to employees only but I’m not sure.

    I think ours opens about 7 and runs until 9 A.M.

  3. Hey Richard – Congratulations on your bike commuter of year recognition.

  4. Apple is very good. One year I got socks (I think they thought I was an employee) but the spread, open to all, was great. The location is poor (off De Anza at 280). The Kaiser Permanente one on Homestead usually has above average food, but I tend to get there late. One year I got a red water bottle from Tesla. My energizer station leader says that we will have pancakes on Wilkie in South Palo Alto.

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