San Francisco cyclist doored, injured by passing bus

Passive language (“the car door opened” of its own accord) is typical in collision news reports like this, but the cyclists swerving into the bus adds an interesting passive / aggressive touch.

A bicyclist was injured in a collision with a San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency bus Saturday after swerving to miss a car door that opened on Geary Street downtown.

More in CBS SF: Cyclist Swerves, Hits Muni Bus In Downtown San Francisco. Opening a door into the path of a cyclist is illegal in all 50 states, but there’s no word on if the mysterious self-opening door was cited.


  1. If you change the first step of Richard’s comment to “cyclist rides outside the door zone of parked cars” then this blog post wouldn’t exist.

  2. Right, we should all ride outside of the doorzone to avoid mishaps like this, but the fact remains the motor vehicle occupant who opened the door is still the criminal.

  3. Yes, it’s an infraction to open a car door into somebody’s path. I’m thinking of the five layers of bicycle safety, including:

    Layer 3: Lane Positioning (Discourage other driver’s mistakes)

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