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Clif Bar Protein Recovery Drink

Clif Bar occasionally sends bribes samples of new product in the hopes that I’ll say nice things about them. This is easy since I love just about everything they sell, and I love that they support cycling and the outdoor programs through sponsorships and grants.

The latest care package from Clif arrived last night filled to the brim with newly formulated versions from their Clif Shot line of recovery drinks and gels. Like their legacy Clif Bars, they endeavor to maximize the use of organic and natural ingredients.

Post ride breakfast courtesy of CLIF Bar


Planet Bike Lunar Levers include patches in the handles

This seems reasonably clever: Planet Bike Lunar nylon tire levers include space for glueless patches between the levers when they’re snapped together.

Planet Bike lunar levers with patches built in

Maybe available at your local bike store, or buy from Amazon for about five bucks if you’re so inclined. Disclosure: Amazon might kick two bits my way if you buy through them. Via Boing Boing.