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Sunnyvale Vice Mayor bikes to work

Happy Bike Month and Happy Friday. Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Gustav Larsson, shown below in the yellow jacket and green Marin hardtail mountain bike, joined this morning’s inaugural “BikePool” ride from Sunnyvale to his day job as a software engineer in North San Jose. Gustav holds Seat 1 in Sunnyvale’s at-large city council, and is also the city council liaison for the Sunnyvale Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission.

Sunnyvale inaugural bikepool to North San Jose


Sunnyvale Lawrence Station walking tour Saturday morning

Lawrence Station in Sunnyvale, California has been the subject of a years long process to transform the auto-centric environment near this Caltrain station into a transit oriented, pedestrian friendly development. The Lawrence Station Area Plan seeks to investigate options and identify strategies that maximize benefits for Sunnyvale that come from the area’s proximity to Lawrence Caltrain Station. The goals of the effort are intended to transform the station area, broaden and strengthen the range of viable transportation choices, and encourage efficient use of available land and infrastructure.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Friends of Caltrain, and Sunnyvale Cool are sponsoring a walking tour of the Lawrence Station area to help you learn about plans developed by the Lawrence Station Plan Citizen Advisory Group to allow a walkable, vibrant, compact neighborhood to evolve around the Station.

Sunnyvale Lawrence Station Area Plan