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San Jose Lincoln Avenue paving to make road diet permanent.

Those of you who bike on Lincoln Avenue through Willow Glen have already noticed the city has ground out the bike lanes and other road markings. This is the paving work to make the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet permanent, per the city council vote on June 28, 2016. The work should be complete by tomorrow, read more »

San Jose Guadalupe River Park Conservancy seeks trail ambassadors

The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy (GRPC) in San Jose, California seeks volunteers for their newly launched trail ambassador program.

Wuhan bike lake jump festival

Do you remember when that kid at summer camp dared you to ride a bike off of the end of the fishing pier? In Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, they’re apparently calling this a “festival” and using it to raise awareness of environmental issues. Embed from Getty Images If you decide to try this at home, read more »

An attack in Santa Cruz

This vehicular assault report was posted last Friday to a Facebook group for issues in the city of Santa Cruz, California.

Fukushima bicycle samurai

The three-day Sōma Nomaoi Festival [ 相馬野馬追 ] in Fukushima Prefecture finished yesterday. The locals dress up like 15th century samurai and ride their bicycles to medieval battle re-enactments. Embed from Getty Images

Hazy skies, lazy rides

About a decade and a half ago when I lived in Colorado, I continued my Boulder County lunch rides in spite of smoke blowing towards Kansas from several Front Range wildfires. I think I did permanent damage to my lungs because of that stupidity, so I’m very reluctant to exert myself now with smoke wafting read more »