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3 thoughts on “Cyclelicious Legacy”

  1. I am unemployed professor on food stamps and my wife and I are moving from one family member to another staying in their homes. On Oct 21, 2011 I asked my son to take me on a bike ride which I use to ride over 100 miles a week.  So for the first time in over a year we went on a 60 mile ride.  Half way through the ride we got to a stop light and the post that I thought was fixed gave way as I grab it to balance as we waited for the light.  I was unable to release my clips quick enough and came down directly on my hip, thus breaking it.  Now four weeks later I am over $70,000 in bills from the surgery which I can’t pay.  The only thing I love doing is running which I was doing about 60 miles a week with my wife, plus another 30 0n my own to stay in shape as I look for a job.  Now I am walking 30 miles a week but would love to ride once again, for biking will get me back in shape without putting the pressure on the hip.  SO what I am asking for is do you know of any organization that is giving way bikes? I would asked for a man and women for I still am a long way from recovery and would want my wife to ride with me in case I had any issues on the way. Thanks John

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