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  1. Ride a Mountain; Get a Bottle
    Cyclists – my company just launched our first product, the Clean Bottle. It is a 100% non toxic, BPA free cycling bottle that unscrews at both ends so it is easy to clean and dry. It helps us with those situations we've all had with our bottles getting stinky and moldy and then us having to toss them out because they are so difficult to clean.

    We donate 10% of profits to cycling and eco-friendly charities that you can vote on at our website, You can order online and they'll also be available at REI and local bike shops in the next few months.

    As a promotion, we'll be at the top of Old La Honda Rd (Old La Honda and Skyline Rd in Woodside) this Saturday from 9:30 to 11:30 am, handing out Clean Bottles filled with ice cold water. All you have to do is ride up to the top and give us one of your stinky, gunky bottles and we'll give you a Clean Bottle. We have a limited supply so put on those climbing wheels and get to the top quickly!

    See you at the top and Ride Clean!

  2. Hi Cycleicious. Just checked out you blog. Very cool. Thought you might like our latest publishing project on the fundraising site Kickstarter! Please have a look at our project and this great site!

    Here's the official link to our Kickstarter page –

    Here's the link to our constantly updated website – – let us know what you think.

    Please share this project with anyone you think might like it.

    Thanks. Keep riding!


  3. I handle business development for Versus-TV. Was hoping to talk with you about a content/link partnership during July. I know you like to make fun of us and in a strange way my goal is to make it easier on you with some syndicatable content. Not sure if there is an off line way we can connect?

  4. Hi Richard. Been following you for a while on Google Reader. As an FYI, it’s hit or miss with being able to see photos of your posts in the reader. Not sure why. For instance, this morning, the “Ready to Ride” post i could not see the photos. Interbike photos from the next post showed, but the Cargo bike posts did not.

  5. I entered this competition, name the video, a promotion held by

    This Woman. I met her and she’s great. I am really into biking and i want to share my passion with her. I don’t have money to buy her a bike. But I entered this competition on their homepage by naming a short video, and they liked my video name so I was placed as a finalist in their competition. If you win the competition they give you a choice of any of the bikes they makes. They have the classiest women’s bike ever. it’s just a street cruiser, but if I am riding with a woman they better had be on a bike that does them justice! So I am asking you people to help me out. It would be soo awesome if i could swing this!

    Their website is

    The contest results are on the homepage

    My entry is “The Gears of Love”

    it’s the 13th entry down the list

    I dont know if you can post this up on your blog. but if you did it would help me soo much! i need this soo bad! like more than anything!!!!!

    attached is a picture of the bike im trying to win for her

  6. Hello Cyclelicious,

    I am curious if you accept advertising? Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. I represent You may contact me at: cass AT tritoncorp DOT com.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  7. FLEXR Sports has come out with a great hands-free, cycling hydration system. It uses a biodegradable liner that allows for easy cleanup and priming of the tube so drinking while riding takes minimal effort. Check it out!

  8. FLEXR Sports has come out with a great hands-free, cycling hydration system. It uses a biodegradable liner that allows for easy cleanup and priming of the tube so drinking while riding takes minimal effort. Check it out!

  9. Hi Richard. I recall you being so kind as to post about the Tour de Cupcake in SF back in 2008. Well, it’s been three years and we’re doing it again and pulling all the stops. This is going to be a HUGE event. If you have the webspace to give us another brief write-up, the Bike Kitchen would appreciate it immensely. Tickets went on sale 4days ago and we’re getting very close to selling out already 🙂

    ils goldbarg
    Board President, Bike Kitchen
    TDC Founder and 2011 Organizer.

  10. Hi,

    Sorry I write you via comments. But I could not find contact e-mail or feedback form on your site.

    We are looking for new advertisement platforms and we are interested in your site

    Is it possible to place banner on your site on a fee basis?

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    P.S: delete this comment.

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