You know me, I ride a bike

Bike Fort Collins is running a publicity campaign to put a face on cyclists and humanize us.

Jen Garvey: Wife, mother, bike commuter

When the people at Bike Fort Collins talked about the attitudes of drivers towards cyclists, they found one commonality — many drivers lump all cyclists into one category. And so their ad campaign, “You Know Me, I Ride a Bike,” was born.

Bike Fort Collins president, Jeff Morrell, said “we thought that if we could sway a few of these people into seeing us as real people, we could begin to make progress with respect to acknowledging each other’s rights while sharing the roadways.”

More at Momentum Magazine. Via Sue.

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  1. I hope it works. It's a good idea and it sure would be nice for drivers to think of us as people with lives, families, and the kind of life we live off our bikes.


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