Great way to start a week

After taking Sunday off (to take care of the yard and the garage), Monday presented a good opportunity to get the week off to a high-mileage start. The commute is typically a 9-10 mile affair, but I decided that with the past two months setting record highs in mileage for the year, that I may as well keep building on it.

Summer mornings in Colorado Springs are the best: Sunny, no wind, light traffic, and it never, ever rains between midnight and 3:00 p.m. or so. This morning was no exception as the ride past the Hall of Presidents (down Nevada Ave., cross streets are named after U.S. Presidents for quite a few blocks) was smooth, with me and the bike the only occupants of the corridor. There was even time to stop at Starbucks downtown, but the routine dictates that the first cup should be at work. Not a fan of stopping for any reason on a good ride.

The ride was also exceptional as on Sunday I transferred the compact double Shimano Hollowtech drivetrain over to the fast bike (down below 18 lbs. now). With that and the new wheels, the difference is night and day. I should savor it because the daughter starts college in a few days and all monies will be diverted to her education as well as her brother’s college in Tejas. Bike spending embargo in place, but will be considered an opportunity to keep my wrenching skills at their peak. Sometimes instead of buying stuff, taking a bike apart down to the screws is just as satisfying.

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