Gravel riding with Tom Ritchey

Tom Ritchey Peter Johnson Jobst Brandt 1982 gravel ride

Tom Ritchey grew up in the hills west of Palo Alto. As a teen he joined Jobst Brandt on his insane dirt road adventures all around the Bay Area on public and private roads. In this modern day video, we see Ritchey continues this Bay Area road-on-dirt tradition. Peninsula cyclists will recognize the roads in this video.

The Ride – with Tom Ritchey from Tom Ritchey on Vimeo.

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Bay Area Bike Share approaches one year anniversary

San Francisco Bay Area Bike Share opened for business on August 29, 2014. I’m looking into the usage data over the past year and I’ll give my perspectives on what I find about usage in the South Bay.

Bike Share launch passing through SJSU campus

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Bicycles and Caltrain electrification

The Joint Powers Board that governs Caltrain has started the process of planning for electrification, which they anticipate will start in 2019. They’re taking public comment on bike car capacity, among many many other items under consideration.

Caltrain Electrification - Bikes on Board

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The solution to traffic danger? Make it faster!

Santa Clara Benton & Monroe Crash

I was Just Riding Along at Lincoln Street from Benton Street in Santa Clara’s Central Business District Wednesday evening when I heard a horrific sounding crash just three blocks away on Benton at Monroe. A moment later, I heard several sirens converging on the area. KRON talks with a nearby resident with his proposals to improve traffic safety at this intersection.

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LadyCat is for all types of cats

Cowgirl Bike Courier in San Jose is hosting an alleycat to raise funds for the Silicon Valley Roller Girls.

LadyCat alleycat

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Barbara Hendricks rides a bicycle

Barbara Hendricks rides a bicycle

German Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Barbara Hendricks rides a bicycle to tour a public park in Duisburg, Germany.