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@Streetfilms ah, you’re right. I was thinking of U…

@Streetfilms ah, you’re right. I was thinking of UC-Davis campus, which is 40% (same as Stanford) @philipwinn

@Streetfilms Several American cities use rubber fi…

@Streetfilms Several American cities use rubber filling in tracks.

Streetfilms: The Motion Picture

Clarence Eckerson and the rest of the Streetfilms gang are raising funds for “Streetfilms the Movie,” with a planned release of 2013.

Streetfilms on San Jose Via Velo

Streetfilms skating videographer John Hamilton made it out to San Jose Via Velo the other weekend. Here’s his coverage of the event! Thanks for dropping by in San Jose, Streetfilms.

Car storage: The explanatory video

Many people have difficulty understanding why parking causes problems for city dwellers. Streetfilms partnered with the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) to create this animation explaining the science behind development parking minimums.

Irish ride photos

There’s a nice photo essay of Dublin Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn’s ride with San Jose Bike Party in the Merc-News today. More bicycle stuff below the photo of Pyongyang style bicycle transportation, where North Korean state media announced Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un won 100% of the vote in his election to the Supreme People’s Assembly read more »