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LAB members! Help put these candidates on the upcoming ballot

(Full disclosure: I’m working with LAB Reform in an effort to put some reform-minded candidates onto the League’s board of directors. We’re asking LAB members to sign the petition to put John Brooking, Eli Damon, and Khal Spencer on the upcoming ballot.) The League board changed their bylaws in July this year. The change permits read more »

An open letter from Reed Bates

(The following is posted in its entirety……….Ed) Dear friends, I am sorry for the long delay in updating you all about my legal status and situation. I have allowed myself to be distracted and I have neglected you. I shall aim to avoid allowing it to happen again. Thank you for your forbearance.

Reed Bates update

Reed Bates sent an email describing and clarifying the events that lead up to his 18 days in the Ellis County jail in Waxahachie.  As noted by Serge in comments to a previous Examiner post, Bates’ was held on a $5000 bail for failure to appear at the Ellis County Court on May 7th.  The read more »

Reed Bates jailed again

(UPDATE:  Reed Bates’ bail was reduced from $5000 to $300 earlier today.  Yes, that’s $5000 for a bicycling offense.) (UPDATE, SUNDAY MORNING: Bates was released at 4:15PM yesterday. Trial date on July 29 in Waxahachie. Possibly on all pending charges.) The story of Reed Bates and his struggles with the legal system in Ennis, Texas, read more »

ChipSeal’s Defense

Let him ride. I am part of a group trying to raise funds for a worthy cause, a fight against an injustice done to a Texas cyclist. Some of you may know him. His name is Reed Bates. Until recently, he penned the ChipSeal blog. The police have stopped Bates numerous times in and around read more »