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Bay Area bicycle blogs

Somebody on the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition discussion list asked about bicycle blogs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Besides my own Cyclelicious, here are the ones I know about (below the photo).

Market Street cyclist getting the squeeze

I know I’m missing some. What other Bay Area bike blogs are out there? Comment here and I’ll add the link to the list. I hope everybody is enjoying the rain today in the Bay Area.

San Francisco bike plan rally

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and other cyclist activists rallied today on the steps of city hall to protest the sluggish progress of the court-mandated environmental review of the city bike plan.

The city revealed recently that the review would not be complete until 2009, with expected implementation of the bike plan on hold until 2010.

Roughly 100 people showed up as San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Leah Shahum spoke encouraging city leaders to put a larger priority on the bike plan. The SFBC continues to encourage cyclists to contact Mayor Gavin Newsom and the city supervisors to urge them to speed up implementation of the bike plan.

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San Francisco bike plan on hold two more years

From Left in SF

Last year, blogger Rob Anderson and his “Coalition for Adequate Review” put a stop to San Francisco’s bike plan when he filed suit against the city, arguing that any transportation changes must undergo an Environmental Impact Review. Judge James Warren agreed and completely stopped all new bike projects in the city with an injunction prohibiting any new bicycle facilities of any kind in San Francisco.

Now we have the news that the city does not expect to complete the required environmental review until spring 2009, with re-adoption of the bike plan in the summer of 2009. The city cannot even install bike racks for parking or racks on buses until this environmental review is completed. The San Francisco Bike Coalition urges action and asks San Francisco cyclists to call the Mayor and Board of Supervisors to encourage them to make this a higher priority.

San Francisco zombie alert!

The Eerie Early Warning System has detected a sudden upsurge in potential zombie activity, according to San Francisco Zombie Mob:

With Professor Grenzfineski’s assistance, a zombie homing beacon has been hastily assembled and installed at the Main Library’s north-western corner on Larkin Street, by Fulton.

This device will be switched on TOMORROW night, Thursday the 11th, at PRECISELY 7:30pm. Once activated, the undead hordes will be unable to resist its pull, and will gather immediately at its base, where we will attempt to neutralize them before they can once again terrorize our fair city.

NOTE: Great care must be taken with this operation, as a San Francisco Mayoral debate will be taking place in the Main Library. If we are unable to contain the zombies, it is highly likely that they will turn their attention to the hundreds of citizens exiting the debate at 7:45, whom, though disenfranchised, are not disembrained, and may thus prove irresistible to the shambling cerebrophiles. (Thankfully, zombies DO NOT attack or otherwise harass innocent bystanders. Their moans and sheer numbers are more than horrifying enough.)

Go here for the gory details.

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