Bicycle Ambulance Project

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When you have 18th century infrastructure, what’s better to use than 19th century transportation technology? The Bicycle Ambulance Project by the Bicycle Empowerment Network in Namibia produces bicycle-pulled ambulances for use by HIV/AIDS Home Based Care (HBC) workers, HIV/AIDS self help projects, communities, clinics, and hospitals in rural Namibia. The bicycle ambulance has wide tyres, […]

North Carolina: Bicycle is a 19th century solution

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North Carolina congresscritter Patrick McHenry: 19th century technology no solution to energy woes. On my bicycle commute in high-tech Silicon Valley, California, I see up to 100 other bike commuters every day, most of whom are employed as chip designers, rocket scientists, robot researchers, high-energy physicists and biogenetic engineers. The biggest employer in North Carolina […]

Guy Kawasaki Trek factory visit

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Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Guy Kawasaki blogged about his visit to the Trek factory in Waterloo, WI. THe photos are kind of cool, with pictures and details of various Tour de France winning bikes. He also shows us the bike garage, assembly area, and other pieces of the Trek factory. More interesting to me are […]