Acoustic Bicycle Tour

Jazz Cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum begins his Acoustic Bicycle Tour on September 10. This two-week, carbon-neutral concert tour of New England celebrates both the interconnectedness of the region’s creative arts communities and alternative ways of thinking about our world. The tour will feature stops in all six New England states at venues ranging from music clubs to colleges to art galleries to outdoor spaces such as state parks and a farmer’s market.

Cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum: Acoustic Bicycle Tour

As a native and recently returned New Englander, I’ve always been attracted to the topography of the area,” Bynum explains. “I’ve also long been an avid biker, and compositional inspiration often strikes me while I’m pedaling. So, the basic genesis of the ‘Acoustic Bicycle Tour’ arises from these primary pleasures: music, biking, and a love of the outdoors. I often feel a bit guilty when I fly to Europe for one or two gigs; while I love the opportunities to travel and perform, it seems an unfortunate use of resources. Here, I’ll literally be getting to every gig on my own steam.”

He adds, “As interest in the ‘local food’ movement continues to rise, I’d like to generate a discussion in a ‘local music’ movement. There are many extraordinary musicians throughout New England that rarely get the attention they deserve in their own communities, and I hope to generate interest and awareness for these artists as they come out to join me as part of this experience. And, for me there are clear analogies between choosing to travel by bike and choosing to pursue a career in creative music. The trip may be slower and more arduous, but it is ultimately more rewarding in its acoustic pleasures.”

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