Bike rider demographic?

Hypebeast on Copy, an American fashion label.

Titled “The Rider”, the collection positions itself as a brand of footwear for the bike enthusiast. Combining minimalist design with the proper reinforcements necessitated by riding, copy joins a growing number of brands appropriated for the increasingly large rider demographic.



Oakley started out in 1975 making motocross and BMX grips. They’re hearkening back to those days with a limited edition release of the B1B BMX grip.

A homebrew treadmill bike seen at MIT. Photo by Frank Hebbert.

treadmill bike hack

For sale: Stately Dutch MILF magnet.

Instructables: DIY kid carrying cargo bike.

Freakanomics on Floyd Landis’s doping allegations.

I’ve never studied lying versus truth-telling academically, but I have thought a lot about creativity. And one thing that I have come to believe is that people – virtually all people, including me – are really bad at coming up with new ideas and insights.

That is why I find the Floyd Landis allegations so compelling. He describes in great specificity and detail scenarios involving refrigerators hidden in closets, and the precise temperature at which the blood stored in those refrigerators had to be kept; and faked bus breakdowns during which Lance received blood transfusions while lying on the floor of the bus, etc. To make up stories of this kind, with that sort of detail, strikes me as a difficult task.

Wheeled victory sculpture.

DIY 30 mph electric bicycle.

Grist: Retrofit Suburbia.

A support group for bicycle crash victims?

Miami-Dade is Florida’s deadliest county for cyclists:

For anyone in Miami-Dade who can’t afford a car, that destiny is written on the pavement. Streets here are high-speed, hyperkinetic runways that for decades have been among the deadliest in the state. And the state once again won that notorious distinction.

“Nobody takes projects for cyclists and pedestrians seriously, so the money is just eaten up in overhead and used for staff budget shortages,” says Bruce Epperson, a former planner at the Metropolitan Planning Organization and a civil rights attorney.

While Christophe Le Canne’s January slaying at the hands of drunken motorist Carlos Bertonatti grabbed international headlines, most of the cyclists who die can’t afford Lycra outfits or crash helmets and don’t take time to attend Critical Mass rides. They are what is commonly referred to as “captive cyclists,” low-income earners without a car or license, immigrants, and young people who depend on their bicycle or public transportation to get around.

Is drunk biking better than drunk driving?

National Journal discussion: What to look for in Transportation Housing Projects:

In America today, we offer people three “options,” in quotes because they are for the most part truly unpalatable ones.

1. Walk or bike in unsafe conditions
2. Take mass transit that is infrequent, low quality, unreliable, and not point to point
3. Own your own car that delivers on demand, safe, and point to point travel

Republican Mayor, Clean Air Champ.

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  1. A Republican leader (a mayor in “Drill-baby-Drill” Texas of all places) realizes that the public's health is dependent on weaning us off the wasteful use of carbon fuels? Holy cow…

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