Cold Front

It’s cloudy and 60° F (15° C) right now in Menlo Park with a brisk breeze along the San Francisco Bay. That’s 30° F (17° C) less than it was this time last week. I think it’s even colder now at lunch than when I biked into work this morning.

The System: No Bike Parking


My good friend Arleigh was hit by a car last Friday afternoon. It was a classic SMIDSY Left Cross. She’s bruised and shaken but otherwise okay. The bike is totaled. 🙁

We have a Fall Bike To Work Day this Thursday in Santa Cruz County, California.

The System: No Bike Parking comic.

Celebrity train spotting! Actor actor Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell on “Mad Men”) lives in Los Angeles, is car free, and rides buses and Metro to get around.

“In New York all the guys have satchels,” he said, as he slung a tattered black bag bearing the logo of his fictional workplace, Sterling Cooper, over his shoulders. “Here, you just have … Porsches,” he said with a tinge of sarcasm.

“The hardest part of riding the bus is dating,” he added. “Girls, as much as they are independent, want on a certain level to have certain things.”

Porsches, perhaps?

More in the New York Times: A Night with Vincent Kartheiser .

San Jose Cycle Chic:

Pretty On Pink

Kearl Module Transport Project – Imperial Oil needs to transport hundreds of tons of gigantic mining equipment and plans to spend tens of millions of dollars on highway modifications from Washington State, across the Idaho panhandle into Montana and up to the tar sand mining pits in Saskatchewan. The problem for cyclists? The construction will transform 175 miles of bucolic Adventure Cycling Routes into mega transportation corridors. The actual huge load shipping will take place in the middle of the night over a year, but the road “improvements” will remain. More at We Bike Eugene.

eBike runs on water and pixie dust.

Officials harassing cyclists in Tucson.

Yet Another Weird folding concept bike.

GoPro new HERO Camera.

“No Ridiculous Car Trips” campaign in Malmo Sweden works to encourage cycling by making people feel silly for driving short distances. Gentle ribbing probably works better than pushing a button to make them explode. More at Copenhagenize and Grist.

Rebar Bike Frames (including one posted here to Cyclelicious a few years ago).

Meet the bike nerd.

Kent’s Bike Blog: The Cyclist Uniform.

Yes Magazine: How to make biking mainstream: Lessons from the Dutch. “What will it take to transform biking from a recreational pastime to an integral part of our transportation system?” Via Duke.

Fisher Price Trike Recall.


  1. Whoa….cool to see you mentioning Saskatchewan in your post. I’m always learning something over here (even about a Province that I grew up in and just moved from).

    Nice work.


  2. “Girls want to have certain things”. When will that mean virile Mad Men over SUV wimps?

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