Off road quad recumbent

The all terrain quad cycle from Lightfoot Cycles is an off-road recumbent four-wheeler, a pedal-powered ATV. It is designed to be a capable cross-country traveler, not a downhill racing cycle. It has built-in cargo capacity, and is available with optional sun/rain canopy, fenders, fairing or power assist.

From the owner’s brother, Tom Ferris:

[The quad has] Rohloff compound gearing and fat Sheba / Large Marge rims with Larry tires, and independent rear wheel drive, so no “posi-traction” slides.

I will of course be doing extensive sand, mud and snow testing for [my sister]. Just to make sure it is safe.


  1. Thanks for posting! It is due to arrive tomorrow. One of the first things we are going to do is take it to the beach.

  2. Have you got these in production? What is the price? I think something like this would be great for deer hunting in areas where motorized vehicles are not allowed. What about carrying racks?

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